Can You Declare An Array Without Assigning The Size Of An Array?

Answer: No. It is not possible to declare an array without specifying the size. If at all you want to do that, then you can use ArrayList which is dynamic in nature.

How do you declare a variable?

To declare (create) a variable, you will specify the type, leave at least one space, then the name for the variable and end the line with a semicolon ( ; ). Java uses the keyword int for integer, double for a floating point number (a double precision number), and boolean for a Boolean value (true or false).

How do you declare an array of strings?

The String Array is initialized at the same time as it is declared. You can also initialize the String Array as follows: String; strArray = “one”; strArray = “two”; strArray = “three”; Here the String Array is declared first.

Which is valid string declaration?

Which is a valid declarations of a String? A. String s1 = null; B.

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A.1, 2, 4
B.2, 3, 5
C.1, 3, 6
D.2, 4, 6

How do you declare a string?

Below is the basic syntax for declaring a string. char str_name; In the above syntax str_name is any name given to the string variable and size is used to define the length of the string, i.e the number of characters strings will store.

What is string array in Java?

A String Array is an Array of a fixed number of String values. A String is a sequence of characters. Generally, a string is an immutable object, which means the value of the string can not be changed. The String Array works similarly to other data types of Array.

Can you declare an array without assigning the size of an array?

Answer: No. It is not possible to declare an array without specifying the size. If at all you want to do that, then you can use ArrayList which is dynamic in nature.

How do you declaring and initializing string variables?

To declare and initialize a string variable:

  1. Type string str where str is the name of the variable to hold the string.
  2. Type ="My String" where "My String" is the string you wish to store in the string variable declared in step 1.
  3. Type ; (a semicolon) to end the statement (Figure 4.8).

How do you declare strings in Java?

There are two ways to create a String object:

  1. By string literal : Java String literal is created by using double quotes. For Example: String s=“Welcome”;
  2. By new keyword : Java String is created by using a keyword “new”. For example: String s=new String(“Welcome”);

Is CS lighter than Hg?

Solution : Cs is a metal. It is liquid at room temperature. It is lighter than Hg (also a liquid metal).

What is lighter aluminium or lithium?

A lithium atom is lighter than an aluminium atom; each lithium atom then displaces one aluminium atom from the crystal lattice while maintaining the lattice structure. Every 1% by mass of lithium added to aluminium reduces the density of the resulting alloy by 3% and increases the stiffness by 5%.

What is the second lightest element in the periodic table?


Is Mercury the lightest metal?

So from all above, the lightest metal is Lithium with atomic weight as 6.941 u, therefore option C is correct. Additional information: - Mercury is commonly known as quicksilver and was formerly known as hydrargyrum. It is a d-block element that is liquid at standard conditions for temperature and pressure.

What is a lightweight steel?

So, there comes a new breed of steels that are lighter than conventional steels. These are called lightweight or low density steels and they usually contain more than eight percent of aluminum as an alloying element. As you can see in this figure, with increase in the aluminum content the density decreases.

Which is the heaviest element?

The heaviest naturally stable element is uranium, but over the years physicists have used accelerators to synthesize larger, heavier elements. In 2006, physicists in the United States and Russia created element 118.

What is densest and lightest metal?

Aluminium is the densest and lightest among the given options.

What are the 2 lightest elements?

Hydrogen, helium, lithium and beryllium are the lightest four elements, with one, two, three and four protons, respectively. Hydrogen has no neutrons, helium has two, lithium has four and beryllium has five, and the masses of the elements increase in that order.

Which is the lightest liquid metal?

Mercury (Hg)

Is lithium a lightest metal?

Lithium is the lighest solid and metal and the third lightest element.

Which is the lightest material?

Graphene Aerogel

What are lighter metals Class 11?

The core group of metals that are usually classed as light include aluminum, sodium, magnesium, beryllium, and lithium.

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