Which Fibre Is Called Queen Of Fibre?


Is Moth silk a type of silk?

Moth is not a type of silk but it is a type of insect which is responsible for the production of silk fibre. Cocoon is formed at one of the life stages of silk moth through which we obtain silk fibres. Mulberry, Tassar, Mooga are different types of silk which are obtained from cocoons spun by different types of moths.

Which fibre Cannot be obtained from which of the following?

Answer : Moth is a type of insect which is responsible for production of silk fibre and not wool fibre.

Which of the following is an animal Fibre wool cotton jute or polyester?

Answer. Silk and wool are the animal fibre from the following.

Which of the following is animal Fibre Mcq?

Wool and silk are the animal fibres. 2. Silk is obtained from the fleece of sheep.

Why cotton is called the King of fibres?

Cotton is called the KING OF FIBRES because it's almost pure cellulose, with softness and breathability that have made it the world's most popular natural fibre.

Which of the following is an animal fibre *?

Animal fibers are natural fibers that consist largely of certain proteins. Examples include silk, hair/fur (including wool) and feathers. The animal fibers used most commonly both in the manufacturing world as well as by the hand spinners are wool from domestic sheep and silk.

Which among the following is an animal Fibre Class 7?

Living_science Solutions for Class 7 Science Chapter 4 Animal Fibres are provided here with simple step-by-step explanations.


Animal FibresVegetable Fibres
They are made up of proteins.They have the base of cellulose.
For example, wool and silkFor example, jute and cotton

Which one of the following is not a breed of silk?

Which of the following is not a type of silk? Explanation: Mulberry silk, Tasar Silk and Mooga silk are the varieties of silk produced by different silkworms whereas Moth silk is not a variety of silk.

Which of the following fibres are made into wool from sweater?

Since, acrylic resembles wool so it is also known as artificial wool or synthetic wool. Acrylic is cheaper than natural wool and can be dyed in various colour. Thus acrylic is very popular and taking the place of wool today. Acrylic is used in making sweaters, blanket, and other many clothes.

Which one of the following is a wool yielding animal Mcq?

In India, camels and goat are generally reared for obtaining wool.

Why is silk A prized fibre?

silk is the delicate string like subsatance that comes from small insects called silkworms. In order to gain silk from these insects they must be killed and their silkwinded up tight to make silk that is strong enough to make clothes. This is an expensive process and the silk worms are rare and hard to find.

Which fibre is called Queen of fibre?


What are animal fibres made up of?

Animal fibers are the second most widely used natural fibers after vegetable or plant fibers. They are generally comprised of proteins, and can be potential reinforcements in composites. Examples of this fiber include wool fiber obtained from sheep, goats, lamas, rabbits, musk oxen, etc.

Which insect is used as the primary producer of silk?


What is Kosa silk?

Kosa silk is mainly derived from Antheraea mylitta, an Indian silkworm. It is a special type of tussar silk that is drawn out of the cocoons grown on trees like Saja, Sal and Arjun. This preferred pure silk is mostly grown in Chattisgarh. The silk is widely popular owing to its sturdiness, purity and soft texture.

Which is not a animal fibre?

C) Polyester: Polyester is a completely synthetic fibre that is produced in a variety of industries using a variety of chemicals. Furthermore, polyester is not a natural animal fibre.

Who is the strongest fibre and its use?

The strongest fibre is called Rayon.

Rayon is used in the manufacture of hard and tensile ropes. Now Rayon is made from wood.

Who is called Queen of India?

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