Which Type Of Molecule Is Used For Energy Storage And Insulation By Whales?

Which type of molecule do whales use for energy storage and insulation? Explanation: The answer is fat because, fat is an example of a lipid. The function of a lipid is that it stores long term energy.

What macromolecule is fiber?

Dietary fiber (DF) is generally defined as the macromolecules present in the diet that resist digestion by human endogenous enzymes and is essentially composed of plant cell wall remnants, such as cellulose, hemicelluloses, pectic polysaccharides and lignin.

How is protein used for energy?

Protein can also be used for energy, but the first job is to help with making hormones, muscle, and other proteins. Broken down into glucose, used to supply energy to cells.

What macromolecule cushions and protects organs?

Lipids cushion and protect our organs.

Which organic molecule is used for both energy storage and insulation?


What stores energy and insulation?

Cells store energy for long-term use in the form of lipids called fats. Lipids also provide insulation from the environment for plants and animals.

Which type of carbohydrates are used to store energy?

Examples of complex carbohydrates are starch (the principal polysaccharide used by plants to store glucose for later use as energy), glycogen (the polysaccharide used by animals to store energy), and cellulose (plant fiber).

Is polysaccharide a macromolecule?

Polysaccharide is a natural macromolecule located in the primary cell walls of plants. It was built from hundreds to thousands of monosaccharide combination through dehydration synthesis. Starch, cellulose, and glycogen are some examples of polysaccharides.

Are nucleic acids macromolecules?

Nucleic acids are macromolecules, which means they are molecules composed of many smaller molecular units. Thes units are called nucleotides, and they are chemically linked to one another in a chain.

Which type of molecule is used for energy storage and insulation by whales?

Which type of molecule do whales use for energy storage and insulation? Explanation: The answer is fat because, fat is an example of a lipid. The function of a lipid is that it stores long term energy.

Is protein A macromolecule?

Proteins are macromolecular polypeptides—i.e., very large molecules (macromolecules) composed of many peptide-bonded amino acids.

Is a protein an organic compound?

Organic Compounds are found in: carbohydrates, lipids, protein, and nucleic acids.

Which molecule stores more energy ATP or ADP?

Thus, ATP is the higher energy form (the recharged battery) while ADP is the lower energy form (the used battery). When the terminal (third) phosphate is cut loose, ATP becomes ADP (Adenosine diphosphate; di= two), and the stored energy is released for some biological process to utilize.

What is this macromolecule?

A macromolecule is a very large molecule important to biophysical processes, such as a protein or nucleic acid. They are composed of thousands of covalently bonded atoms. Many macromolecules are polymers of smaller molecules called monomers.

Which type of macromolecule stores energy most efficiently?

Fats (lipids)

Fats are the primary long-term energy storage molecules of the body. Fats are very compact and light weight, so they are an efficient way to store excess energy.

Is carbohydrates a source of energy?

Carbohydrates, or carbs, are sugar molecules. Along with proteins and fats, carbohydrates are one of three main nutrients found in foods and drinks. Your body breaks down carbohydrates into glucose. Glucose, or blood sugar, is the main source of energy for your body's cells, tissues, and organs.

Which of the following is macromolecule?

There are 4 major biological macromolecules: proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, and nucleic acids.

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